Liza was born in Stockholm Sweden and started out as a PA for production companies like Traktor and Warner Brothers in Los Angeles where she learned the foundations of film production parallel to her studies at USC Film School.

After graduating in 2010 she returned to Sweden to write, produce and direct her award winning narrative feature film debut Ensam Tillsammans (Alone Together) about music and youth culture in Stockholm. She also directed the first season of the TV series "12" for SVT currently in post production, premiering 2019.

Liza enjoy working with all film formats and creates original concepts for music videos and commercial concepts as well as directs film, commercials, music videos, TV, fashion promos and documentary work.

Her style is influenced by the dark winters of Scandinavia as well as the sunny vibes of California.

Liza is a storyteller and visual artist with a fresh, visual, contemporary style sometimes with a social realist or satyrical esthetic utilizing her experience in acting, music, dance, and fashion while rhythmically and fluently depicting the human expression.


Liza was featured in the series "Reality Road" with the recording artist Mapei in collaboration with Volvo Trucks and Forsman & Bodenfors. In the show Liza directs a video for Mapei during a roadtrip with "the epic split" truck driver going through six countries in Europe.

During the fall 2018 Liza is directing a new thriller series for Swedish Television SVT.
If you are intressted in auditioning for the project contact info below.